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China Representative

Tony Zhang Tao is our China Sales / Service Representative.  You can contact him at the following address, phone number and email. Please feel free to contact Tony anytime for assistance in purchasing or operating any PyroGuard product.

张涛是我们的中国销售/ 服务代表。你能与他联系于以下地址 , 电话号码和电子邮件。请感到自由与张涛联系任何时候为协助在 收购或操作任一个 PyroGuard 价品。

Tony Zhang Tao 张涛- PyroGuard Sales / Service

Tong Fei Technology Co. Ltd

Phone Number 电话号码 :  86-20-8636-7431

Fax Number 传真号 :  86-20-8639-8225

Email 电子邮件 :

Website 网站 :

Address 地址 :

Room 810, 443 Baiyun South Avenue
Guangzhou 广州 510091
China 中国

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