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The PyroGuard HMI Server Software is a Windows application that provides other Windows HMI (Human-Machine Interface) programs (including Wonderware, Intellution, and Rockwell's View) access to the PyroGuard Control Console. The HMI Server Software provides this access using DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) and OPC (OLE For Process Control) including custom DDE formats (Fast DDE and Advanced DDE).

The PyroGuard Server Software uses any of the PC COM ports. An RS-232 to RS-485 converter is provided to connect the PC to the PyroGuard Console and will allow two way communications up to 3000 feet. This two way communication allows the HMI software to send commands and receive data to and from the PyroGuard Console.

The PyroGuard HMI Server Software is configurable to the customers particular HMI software package. The HMI Server Software will run under all Windows Operating Systems including Windows 2000, XP. Vista, Win7.

The above representation shows a typical dust collection pneumatic system equipped with PyroGuard. The graphical display was created using WonderWare HMI software and shows the location of the PyroGuard sensors, extinguishment and abort gate. Operators can monitor the sensors for alarm conditions and monitor extinguishment and abort gate activity. Operators can also test the PyroGuard sensors, reset the console and monitor PC to console communications. Using HMI Server with your HMI software allows you to setup display screens in any fashion to include graphics, animations and data logging.

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