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Clarke's Sheet Metal has Authorized distributors at various locations around the world. These distributors are completely trained with Clarke's equipment and often have years of experience in Spark Detection. Please feel free to contact any one of them with your questions concerning sales, design, or technical.

Clarke's Sheet Metal is always looking for new distributors. If you would like to become an Authorized Distributor, Please contact Clarke's at


PyroGuard is currently represented at the following locations:

United Kingdom

Clarke's Sheet Metal, Inc. PyroGuard Division.  Located in Eugene, Oregon.  Main office in United States for PyroGuard Spark Detection And Suppression Systems. World Wide Service.

Fire Management Systems.  Located in North Carolina. East Coast United States Representation and installation of PyroGuard equipment.  Factory authorized sales and service.

Oscar & Melissa Cruz.  Located in Santiago, Chile. Clarke's South America Technical Sales Representatives.

MacDonald Environmental Systems Inc. Representation and sales of PyroGuard equipment in Canada.

Tong Fei Technology Co. Ltd. Representation, sales and service of PyroGuard equipment in China.

New Air Technical Services Ltd. Representation, sales and service of PyroGuard equipment in United Kingdom.

Maxtronick. Representation, sales and service of PyroGuard equipment in Brazil.

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