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Since 1952, we've worked hard to earn the reputation for quality in the industry, and we've learned a lot doing it.  We listen to your particular problem. We research and study your application. Then, we design, apply, and manufacture the most modern, state-of-the-art and energy efficient equipment to do your job better.

We will continue to work hard to keep our reputation as an innovative leader in the Spark Detection and Extinguishment industry as well as industrial process equipment and pneumatic systems. We're constantly striving to develop better equipment and improve our manufacturing facilities.

With two offices across the country, our staff, with "hands-on" expertise and design backgrounds, follows your job from design to delivery, including service after the sale.

We're proud of our products, our facilities and our people. I personally invite you to visit one of our manufacturing plants in Eugene, Oregon or Shreveport, Louisiana.

For quotations and consultations about your needs, just contact us ..... we're here to help!

W. James Clarke, President


W. James Clarke, President

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Mike Eide, General Manager

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Andy Clarke, VP Sales  

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Sales Staff

Kris Newman, Sales

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Brian Odeagard, Sales    

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Mike Anheluk, Technicial Director

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Ian Smith, IT Technician

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PyroGuard Department

Steve Craig, Senior Technician

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Scott Vaughn, Electrical Technician

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Steven Pulver, Technician

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PyroGuard Shipping Department:

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