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Clarke's currently has three software programs available for its consoles. These software programs allow you to interface with your console and obtain information.

Clarke's understands that information about your system is valuable. We strive to create programs that help you interact with your console and obtain information in a user friendly way. Because each users plant is different and unique, we try to provide you with choices that suit your needs.

Our CXL consoles have available two programs, PyroComm and OmniServer.

PyroComm is a Windows Software package that allows you to take complete control of your console through a easy Windows graphical interface.

PyroComm Remote is a Windows Software package that can connect up to 6 PC's running PyroComm over a network or even the internet. It allows you to monitor from multiple locations what your PyroGuard systems activity.

OmniServer is Server software that allows you to interface your CXL console with many different HMI (Human Machine Interface) software packages such as Wonderware, Intellution, and Rockwell's View.

The CX series consoles uses software especially designed software for its internal industrial PC that allow for a all in one design.

The Download page contains updates to our software and other programs.

Clarke's is constantly improving it software and looking to develop new software packages that improve your experience with our systems. Keeping checking the What's New page for information on new products and updates

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