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Heat Detectors

Detect-A-Fire Heat Detector


  • For Baghouse and Bin Applications
  • For use in ordinary and hazardous locations
  • Eliminates False alarms due to rush of warm air
  • Reacts quickly to fast Temp changes
  • Size: L 7-5/8" x W 1-1/8" x H 7/8"
  • Mounting Thread:  1/2” NPT
  • Alarm Temp: 175°F or 225°F
  • Ratings: UL, UL Canada, FM
  • Connection: 4 wire (Normally Open)
  • Enclosure Type: Expanding Aluminum Alloy

Detect-A-Fire Thermal Detectors can be used with Clarke’s consoles or as a stand alone detector. When used with a console, a Interface Device (ID) is necessary to link the heat detector to the console. Heat Detectors are often used inside a Bag House for fire protection and are set to activate a deluge valve.


Heat Detector Brochure

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FM Approved

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